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motion work

Series and spots

A handful of pieces I've directed

Deviate From Duh

Floyd's – Comedian

Floyd's - Drummer

Floyd's - Woodworker

Crazy Straw


Slide, Marco's Pizza

Magic Carpet, Marco's Pizza

Sports Song

L'An dré

Snack Song

New Year, New Song

Not Real French

No New Friends

Jump into Summer, Leinenkugel's

Jump into Summer 2, Leinenkugel's

Non-Stop Instagram, Allegiant Airlines

Richard Sherman Interception, Fruit Gushers

Would You Rather...Pt. 2, Carlo Rossi

Would You Rather...Pt. 1, Carlo Rossi

Self Care, Carlo Rossi

Wearing Multiple Hats, Carlo Rossi

Insecurities, Carlo Rossi

Family Traditions, Carlo Rossi

Go-to Dishes, Carlo Rossi

Live Nation, Allegiant Airlines

Pool Side, Allegiant Airlines

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